Demian Birchir

Demian is my kind of man. He walked into my apartment all mischievous grinny like, didn’t want any grooming and within minutes of meeting he and I were having philosophical conversations about art and metaphysics and love. Demian is my kind of man. He’s very real and unafraid of being just that. He was also ready for an adventure. I love to adventure. My shoots tend to be adventures, so I knew we were going to have a great time. I felt like he and I needed to have a spontaneous run around Silver Lake and just see what would happen. So that’s what we did. I told him the magazine had wanted us to do one thing, but this felt more right, you know? He completely agreed. So we did what we wanted (sorry magazine). I threw some jamz on, Bowie and Pink Floyd to be exact, and we adventured.

I knew Demian’s work. He’s known for playing intense men, and he does have a gaze that can level you, but I really saw something much more playful in him and I wanted to bring that out. There is something extremely fun about a playful darkness. So we explored that. We had a lot of fun. He’s just plain fun. I’m a fan. And he said he’s gonna teach me how to drink tequila, so, get ready for some table dancing.